Vietnamese large Minh-mang thong bao charm

Diameter: 122 mm
Obverse: legend of XIXth Century Vietnamese coin Minh Man Thong Bao
Reverse: Inscription at the bottom (from right to left) Ta Nan Kuo Men Pao in Chinese ('Gates of Vietnam' coin)

Stylized character Shou - Longevity (S.Shevtcov):

Additions from Thuan D. Luc (02-May-98):
  • The 5 Chinese characters on the reverse are DAI NAM QUOC MON BAO (in Vietnamese), meaning Precious Gate of Dai Nam. The Imperial City had four gates and this is the main gate.
  • For the coins with image on the reverse side, Emperor Minh Mang minted several kinds of small and large coins in silver or gold, but never in copper.
  • Production and Value: Vietnam War era.

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