Western Hsia [ ] coins price list

Price list from Catalog of Chinese Cash #89 by Joel Anderson (received 26 Jan 1996)
Western Hsia coinage summarized and HTML-compiled by Vladimir Belyaev

Six emperors ruled during the dynasty. There were ... year-titles, for 8 of which coins were issued with the corresponding inscriptions. All coins were issued with legends written in the orthodox style on the obverse except one coin in Tangut (Brahman) writing. The metals used were copper and iron.

1. t.p. - tung pao; y.p. - yan pao; c.p. - chung pao.
2. The top grade assigned to these coins is VF (details in all 4 characters are clear).
3. Literature referencies are from Chinese coinage literature list.
4. - also known coins.

EmperorLegend Date of legendMetal References, comments

Tangut (Brahman) writing

Ching Tsung
T'ien Shou t.p.1038-?
Chung Tsung
Yan Te t.p.1120-1127
Yan Te c.p.

Ta Te t.p.1135-1139
Jn Tsung
T'ien Shng y.p.1149-1168
Ch'ien Yu y.p.1169-1193 VG 40.00
Huan Tsung
T'ien Ch'ing y.p.1194-1206
Hsiang Tsung
Huang Chien y.p.1206-1212
Shn Tsung
Kuang Ting y.p.1212-1222

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