Vietnamese Charm with Quang Trung's Reign Title

Vladimir Belyaev
September 06, 1998
Obverse: Quang Trung Trong Bao in Vietnamese
Reverse: 8 Chinese characters HA LUU THUAN QUY, NIEN COC PHONG DANG (As rivers have invariable favourable current, as crops are fully grown and abundant every year)
8 characters set was one of the 23 good-luck terms that were cited in the 18th of Minh Mang. This document was in the ancient history book prepared by Emperor Staff of Nguyen dynasty. The Vietnamese name of this book is DAI NAM HOI DIEN SU LE. Diameter: 46.4 mm

Weight: 28.6 g

As noted Tony Luc, such charms were made during Vietnam War era.

Vietnamese Coinage