Immortal Zhang Kuo Lao

Vladimir Belyaev
July 04, 1998
Diameter: 33.5 mm
Weight: 12.7 g
Obverse: Zhang Xian Kuo Lao [top bottom right left] - Zhang celestial Kuo Lao - one of the eight immortals

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A.A.Remmelts. Chinese Charms and Amuletes:
    Chang Kuo is said to have lived in the 7th and 8th century A.D., he had supernatural powers of magic, such as rendering himself invisible. He used to be accompanied by a white mule, wich carried him immense distances, and when not required, was folded up and put away in his wallet. When he wished to resume his travels he squirted water upon the wallet and the mule at once appeared. His emblem is the Yu Ku a kind of musical instrument in the shape of a bamboo tube or drum with two rods to beat it. The Emperor Ming Huang wished to attach him to his court, Chang Kuo could not give up his wandering life. On the second summons from court he disappeared and entered on immortality without suffering bodily dissolution.

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