Japanese charm

Diameter 25.1 mm, red copper, cast.
Only bottom character is Chinese. Other seems to be Japanese characters.
7-Apr-97 John Liang:
Looking at the image, I can say it is not Chinese. Those characters are not like any script I have seen. The only thing that comes close is the Tai Li Kingdom (nowadays Yunnan) coinage. One of its issues looks a bit like this.
Tai Li was a small kingdom that existed in the times of Tang to early Yuan, when it was conquered by the Mongols. Their coins are still open to debate. Many believe they were made, and there were rubbings on Ding's book and other Chinese reference. Dr.Burger believed that it did not exist. I think they existed, but there is no way to research on them.

8-Apr-97 Tan Kuan Yang Gilbert:
It seems to be repeated sideways, an occurrence which is often seen in fantasies. But it could also be a charm made for superstitious purposes. Moreover, only fantasies and amulets have circular holes apart from the early Warring States round holed coins.
I believe this coin was made for fun as the patination in the obverse field is highly suspect too.

9-Apr-97 Y.K.Leung:
It is not Chinese Charm.
I found your coin in a book "Zhong Guo Hua Qian" by Yu Liu Liang etc. (ISBN 7-5325-1220-7), page 498, coin No. 2180.
It is a Japanese charm.

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