Unknown Japanese coins

Below are rubbings of unlisted Japanese coins. Please excuse me for low quality.
Any comments would be highly appreciated.

Japanese; 31x45 mm, 14.4g.
Obv. To Sa Kan Ken - Land Chief Officier Ticket;
Rev. Go Monme -'5 monme' (1 monme - 3.75g)
local issue, fantasy?

Message from Luke Roberts, an historian of Tokugawa Japan who specializes in Tosa history, and teaches at the University of California at Santa Barbara (20-Apr-00):
    I looked at your 5 monme Tosa Kanken rubbing. Tosa was a lords domain on the island of Shikoku in Japan and it issued many of its own coins between 1866-71. However none of the pictures of such coins which I have seen look exactly like what you display. The shape of the coin is like the Tosa Tsuuhou which is a 100 mon coin modeled after the Tenpou Tsuuhou. Tosa also minted a large rectangular coin called a Tosa Kanken which had on its obverse side 100 mon as its value. Its monme coins (units of 1 and 10) are all round. Tosa is present day Kochi prefecture.
    Look more here.

Japanese, Bun Kiu Ei Ho; 34 mm, 10.8g
issued in 1863 at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate;
unusual plain reverse without waves.

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