Norman F. Gorny:
Northern Song Dynasty Cash Variety Guide
Volume 4, Kosen Daizen, Yuan Feng to Yuan You

Northern Song Dynasty Cash Variety Guide - Volume 4: Kosen Daizen, Yuan Feng to Yuan You        07-November-2003. Announcing:
Northern Song Dynasty Cash Variety Guide - Volume 4, Kosen Daizen, Yuan Feng to Yuan You, by Norman F. Gorny.

       Early in July, 2003, I broadcast an announcement that the sequel to my variety catalog for Northern Song cash was ready, although in a different format than originally planned. That first part, Volume 2 of Northern Song Dynasty Cash Variety Guide, was a re-presentation in English of the varieties of Northern Song cash from Song Yuan to Jing You found in volume 3 of KOSEN DAIZEN by Imai Teikichi (1888).

       My original plan was to simply publish in a single second volume a sequel to my first book, which was based on Fugo Senshi.

       The sequel is based on Kosen Daizen. This work was started and then put on hold for many months, and the projected publication date was over a year late. As the work progressed it became obvious that the sequel would be too large to publish as a single book. Meanwhile, technology advanced to the point where I can conveniently publish what was intended to be volume 2 in smaller segments, as 40-page journal-sized books.

       With this new format, Volume 2, Kosen Daizen, Song Yuan to Jing You, became available July 7, 2003.

       As of August 1, 2003, Volume 3, Kosen Daizen, Huang Song to Xi Ning, became available. (The projected publication date was September 1).

       As of November 1, 2003, Volume 4, Kosen Daizen, Yuan Feng to Yuan You, is now available. It is published in large easy-to-read 8-1/2 x 11" format, 40 pages, stapled binding. Here are shown: (1) Front cover, (2) Table of Contents, (3) Introduction, (3) Example page 4 and page 5 from the body of the catalog.

       Price is $8, plus postage as follows: USA $1.50, Canada $1.85, Foreign (Europe, Asia, etc.) $4.50.
       5 copies/$30 plus postage. (6 to 9 copies $6 each plus postage).
       10 copies/$45 plus postage. (over 10 copies at 10 copy rate).
       For postage on more than 1 copy, please email me for a quote.
       Payment can be made by personal check (USA only) or M/O to: Norman F. Gorny, 6007 S.E. Taylor Ct., Portland, Oregon 97215, U.S.A., or through PAYPAL to: Other payment methods possible, please enquire.

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