Xinjiang 50 Tael Boat Sycee

Stephen Tai
07 April, 2000
Cast in the Year of Kuang Hsu (1875-1908)
Hsin Shen Silver Bank

Weight: 1850 g (50 taels)

Courtesy Mrs. Lisa Malloy, Bermuda
Month, Year of the Republic of China (1912-1949) Si Shen Silver Bank
Assaying Chop: Dao Yen (Examined by the District Government)

Weight: 1720 g (47 taels)

  • Xinjiang has been the biggest stake of all Chinese territories where resided with many different races, about 2/3 of its population are Turks. Ching Dynasty did not declare Xinjiang as one of its provinces until the 11th year of Kuang Hsu (1886). Hence, sycee currency was first formally introduced into this Wild West of China (Xinjiang in Chinese language means New Territory)
  • Meanwhile, Ching Government also determined to reinforce its ruling power over this territory against the intrusion of foreign powers such as Britain and Russian and the independence campaigns inside of the region. This effort may also be found appeared in then Xinjiang coinage. With tens of thousand of soldiers and immigrants dispatched into this new province, Chinese traditional coinages—sycee currency was brought in.
  • Timing may be too close to the end of this Manchurian empire, not too many sycee cast under its Emperors’ names can be seen, except a kind cast by Kashgar District Government with stamps in Chinese and Islamic. As for other kinds; if any, all are unusual. No. 1 is one of the unusual types, which could be one of the earliest group cast in the province.
  • Currently almost all the Xinjiang sycee appearing in the markets were cast in the Republican era (1912-1930s). No.2 is an exceptional specimen cast under the regime of the Republic of China, with a special assaying chop Dao Yen deeply stamped on the center. Dao Yen in Chinese means Examined by the District Government. Since late Ching period, the entire Xingjiang Province was devidied into 4 Districts - Kashgar, Aksu, Ita, and Zhendi, the district showing on No.2 should be one of the four. Normally, this assaying chop can be found on many sycee specimens of Ching Dynasty, as for the Republic’s, this is the first time.

A Silver Sycee Review