Known Heaviest Yunnan Saddle

Stephen Tai
Mar.25, 2000

3 Makerís Chops: Hu Bao Feng Firm. Publicly Agreed Fine Silver
2 Assayerís Chops: Publicly Agreed. Huís Firm

Dimensions: 36 (L) x 61 (W) x 21 (H) mm

Weight: 249 g (7 taels)

  • This jumbo sized Yunnan Saddle could be the heaviest one of all its varieties known to us. Formerly, according to Mr. Qian Yu, curator of the Numismatics Department of Shanghai Museum, the heaviest one recorded was a 240-gram specimen.
  • This breaking record piece weighs 249 grams, equal to 7 taels, is 40% heavier than an ordinary Saddle which measures 180 grams or 5 taels or so. It was cast by the sycee casting firmsí group in the outside of Kunmin City, during the time no earlier than the 10th year but no later than the 15th year of Kuang Hsu Period (1884-1889). It is classified as a Type O-A-#2 in A Catalogue of Yunnan Historical Silver Ingots. Despite its overweight, this specimen is of a scarce variety.
  • It could be specially tailored for a specific usage by the casting firm

A Silver Sycee Review