Gan Wee Teck

Gan Wee Teck        I am sorry to have learned that Mr.Gan Wee Teck (Sea Eagle Coins and Antiquities, Singapore) passed away on 2 July 1999.

       I became acquainted with Mr. Gan on the second day after my arrival for the 13th Singapore International Coin Show. I had learned earlier that there was a shop in Singapore specializing in ancient Chinese coins, but I was surprised to discover that the shop was located in the same building as the hotel in which I stayed!
       I very much liked Mr.Gan and his hospitable wife who was usually with him in the shop. I came into their cozy little shop every day until I flew back to Moscow. Our acquaintance was short, but I nevertheless had time to learn from Mr. Gan much information, new to me, about Chinese coinage. As I understand, he had several decades experience in studying Chinese numismatics and was known to collectors all over the world.
       It is such a pity that I shall not have the opportunity to prolong my acquaintance with this very kind and generous person. My condolences to his family and to all who knew and loved Mr.Gan Wee Teck.

       Vladimir Belyaev

       Mr Gan died at the age of 76. He was formerly an accountant with an international airline and on retirement, found joy in collecting ancient Chinese coins even though he was English educated. Shortly after collecting these coins, he decided to do it as a business and initially operated from his home. After a while, he decided to buy a shop at Peninsular Shopping Centre and therein began Sea Eagle Coins and Antiquities.

       Gilbert Tan