South-East Asian Coins
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Chinese Numizmatics in Research
Chinese Numizmatics in Hong Kong
Web sites with very useful and nice information about Chinese coinage
Robert Kokotailo
Calgary Coin Gallery
Chinese Cast Coins
History of Chinese coinage with coin prices
John Ferguson
Chinese coin and charm images
Chinese coin and charm images from John Ferguson collection
ANS East Asia department
ANS East Asia department
ANS East Asia department history, description, and special announcements.
Two coins from the ANS collection.
ANS coins databaseSearch ANS coins database
Thomas K. Mallon
Ancient China from Grifter site
Stephen Tai
Sycee on-line
Web site of highly proffesional expert in Sycee's.
Allan Barker
Asian Numismatics
Dedicated to the Study of Ancient Coins from Asia and the World. Very imteresting and important information about Chinese and Vietnamese cash coins, including anti-forgeries guide.
Luke Roberts
East Asian Cash Coins
Very interesting and nicely made pages
Danny Cheng
Chinese Silver Sycee
This site is for all sycee collectors and fans.
Hai-Ning Liu
Hai-Ning's Chinese Numismatics Linkpage
Collection of links
The coins of Xinjiang
Well-organized website devoted to China's Western Frontier coins
Chi D. Nguyen
Vietnam coins, banknotes, ingots - very informative site
Coins and banknotes of Vietnam and French Indochina
Vietnamese coins and banknotes, including on-line version of Toda's book about ancient Vietnamese coins.
Greg Kareofelas
Coins of the Orient
Very nice site with some interesting information
Rare Chinese coins
Displayed part of collection of Prof. Kai Keung Mark, Hong Kong
William Etgen
"Hell Bank Note Collector's Club"
Web site
Adam Green
Tibetan Numismatic Homepage
Very informative site about Tibetan coinage
Rune Rysstad
The Eastern Coinage Experiment & Primitive coins
Page with some ancient Chinese and Japanese coins
Lars Bo Christensen
The Home page
Lovely and interestingly made website devoted to Chinese coins
George Miller
Coins and Gambling Tokens

The Yema-po (California, USA) excavations of Chinese Cash coins
Currency Museum
History of Japanese Currencies

Very nice pages of the Currency Museum of the Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, The Bank of Japan
Gallary of old Japanese and Asian currencies

Short description of collection of Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo
Japanese Coins

History of Japanese coins
Juan Arroyo
The Coins of Ancient China
Article with short history of Chinese coinage
Chinese knife money

Image of the Chinese knife money from the Museon, the popular-science museum in The Hague, The Netherlands
Seven Seas Trading Company
Chinese Spade money
Image of Chinese Spade money from Seven Seas Trading Company
The Museum of Victoria
Chinese Chekiang dragon coin
Chinese Qing Cash
Image of some Chinese coins from the Museum of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.
Catherine Yronwode
Good Luck Coins Web page
Description of some good luck coins (North America mainly)

Vladimir Belyaev, Moscow, .
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