Zhao Zai Jin Pao charm with trigrams

Vladimir Belyaev
Apr.12, 1998
Obverse: Four-parted benevolent expression Zhao Zai Jin Pao
Detailed description of expression you can read at the page 'Liu Har plays with toad'.

Reverse: Eight Trigrams (Pa Kua) of the Book of Changes ( I Ching).
Krause, Mishler. Standard Catalog of World Coins: "This book, one of the Five Classics, consists of a set of sixty-four figures known as "trigrams". The trigram is composed of combinations of pairs of eight trigrams each of which represents some power in nature, either active or passive, such as fire, water, thunder, earth, etc. These trigrams are said to have been invented 2000 years and more B.C. by the legendary monarch Fu Hsi, who copied them from the back of a tortoise. Attached to each hexagram are expanatory notes and expository comments. The notes are made in symbolic language which only mystics could understand, but the comments are written in plain language. These comments have lifted the Book of Changes from a primitive book of divination and oracles to an ethical and philosophical importance."

Diameter: 49.3 mm
Weight: 41.4 g

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