"Nagasaki" Yung Li T'ung Pao coin

Vladimir Belyaev
November 28, 1998
Obverse: Yung Li T'ung Pao
grass style inscription

Reverse: plain

Weight 4.2 g
Diameter: 28.1 mm


Obverse: Yung Li T'ung Pao
seal style inscription

Reverse: plain

Weight 4.5 g
Diameter: 28 mm


F.Schjoth, The Currency of the Far East:
    The "Hsin-pien Cash Record" states:
    "Of the Yung-li t'ung-pao cash there exists a set of 'value two' coins in seal-writing and running hand of material and shape different from Ming coin, which is reported to have been cast during the Chia-ching reign (1522-88) by Prince Chih of Tao-kao. But as the truth of this cannot be verified the coins are appended here pending further evidence on this subject."

    Tang Hsi-yuan says:
    "The form and writing of these coins are very fine and quite different from the Yung-li coins cast by Prince Yung Ming. Now the said Prince Chih of Tao-kao was a very clever person, who during Chia-ching's period had absconded the seas. He had command over the foreign barbarians and could build sea-going boats, and he resided in the Wu-tao Islands, whence he went marauding with the Japanese, and gave much trouble to the 'Two Ches'. The Governor Hu planned to chastise him. At that time the Tao-kaos had adopted an illegal year-title, but whether he cast money or not is not recorded."

    (Tao-kao - The Tao robbers or barbarians; Wu-tao is the Gotto Islands off Nagasaki)

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