Xian Feng period 50 cash token

Ji Huan Ju Piao
Collected into an amount of integral may be exchanged into official [monetary bureau] bank note
Dang Yong Wu Shi
Used as 50 cash
Diameter: 53.5 mm

Image received from James Farr.
Thanks to Stephen Tai for the translation of the legend.

Message from Gilbert Tan (05-Dec-98):
    The 50-cash coin is a fantasy. There exists a 10-cash coin of the same obverse, which less than 5 are recorded in both copper and brass.
    These were made during the Ching Dynasty, the Xian Feng emperor's time (1851-1861 AD) as a supplementing currency. It was an official issue during the time done on an ad hoc basis.

Message from Robert Kokotailo (23-Apr-02):
    I purchased an item at the Vancouver coin show last weekend that I have been unable to identify. An image can be seen at :


    It is bronze, 54 mm in diameter and weighs 59.75 grams.

    The attribution it came with, which I have no idea if it is based on anything accurate, was that it was a 50 cash of the Republic, issued by Yuan-Shih (or Yuan Shikai) as president some time around 1916.
    The basic fabric and casting style is identical to Hsien Feng multiples of the 1850's and 1860's, but the bronze is more brown than brassy yellow.

    Any help in confirming the attibution of this item would be greatly appreciated.

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