Wu Shi charm

Vladimir Belyaev
May 14, 1998

Chinese Coinage Web Site
Obverse: Wu Shi - 50

Reverse: plain

Diameter: 26.8 mm
Weight: 3.6 g

Looks very old (as Pang Liang or Wu Shu coins of the Western Han dynasty 206 BC - 24 AD).
Comments from Gilbert Tan (15-May-98):
    This coin used to be a Ta Chuan Wu Shih but was manipulated to its present state by the removal of the top, bottom and part of the left characters. It was treated very long time ago, because coin color and surface are uniform.

Obverse: Ta Chuan Wu Shi - Large coin fifty cash

Reverse: plain

Diameter: 27.3 mm
Weight: 5.2 g

Legend of the coin of Wang Mang as regent period (6 AD - 9 AD).
Four small holes supposedly made for using coin as button.