T'ien Ch'i T'ung Pao

Description Obverse Reverse Diam., mm Peculiarity Image origin
The Ming Dynasty
Emperor Hsi Tsung (a.d.1621-1628)

c.d. 1621-28
26 S1209
ch.kung on rev. (Board of Works)
26 A
26 S1207
ch.hu on rev. (Board of Revenue)
24 S1202

look at the comment below the table
25.3 A
c.d. - coin dating

Please look at T'ien Chi script variations.

There are some additional considerations about 4-th coin (signed as S1202).
Coins with the same legend were casted during rebel state Tien Wan Kuo (1352-1358) by the Pretender Ch'en Liang of Han. In that case it's S1117-1118 coin.
Prices on Rebel T'ien Ch'i coins are much more ( >100 times ) then on Ming coins.
Differences between Ming and Tien Wan Kuo coins were described for me by Mr.Gilbert Tan:

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