Thailand cash type medal

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Diameter: 48 mm
Very large (about 110kb) obverse and reverse images.
Details of the obverse: man and animal.

Reverse Chinese inscription (thanks to S.Shevtcov): Shi Ba Lo Han - Eighteen Arhats.

'Singapore coin auction catalog N20, 23 February 1995, Taisei-Baldwin-Gilio':
    Lot 1023: Rama V (1868-1910): Bronze Medal, 1891, struck to commemorate the ordination of H.R.H.Crown Prince Maha Vajirunhis.
    Obv. the 18 Arahants (Buddhist saints).
    Rev. Thai inscription written in Chinese characters.
    Diameter: 47 mm. (Similar to TTC page 68-69, but with additional Chinese calligraphy on the rev. reffering to the 18 Arahants.)
Shown item is a latest imitation.

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