Ta Liao T'ien Ch'ing []

Description Obverse Peculiarity
The Liao dynasty (Ch'i-tan, Tartar)

Emperor T'ien Cha (1101-25)

year title T'ien Ch'ing []


Plain reverse
Traces of thin golden layer on the surface
Shown item may be imitation
c.d. - coin dating

Shown item is very unusual coin of Liao Dynasty.
F.Schjoth wrote that: By the way shown coin is absent in F.Schjoth famous (in America and Europe) book.

There are references on two such rarest coins in the Chinese book Illustrative plates of Chinese ancient coins - both with the same sizes but one with golden surface.

In the book 'Zhong Guo Hua Qian' - 'Chinese charms' ( Yu Liu Liang etc., Shanghai, 1992, page 262, coin No.1261) this coin is shown as charm with coin legend -also rarest!

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