T'ai P'ing T'ung Pao

Description Obverse Reverse Diam., mm Peculiarity
T'ai P'ing Rebellion 42.9 Very close by type (metal, style) to Hsien Feng large coins


  • Are really coins of T'ai Ping Rebellion with Manchu reverse mint mark were issued?
  • Unusual upside down image of the reverse mint mark.

    Message from Eric Yin (29-Aug-97):
    The Taiping Rebel coin is from Hupeh province. My reference does not seem to list this coin.
    T'ai P'ing Tien Guo coins have been issued with Zhejiang, Kiangsu and Fujian mint marks.
    T'ai P'ing T'ung Bao coins have been issued with BOW/BOR mint marks.

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