Round Sycee of Jiangsu and Chekiang Province

Stephen Tai
Feb.24, 1998
  1. Jiangsu Round Sycee
    Inscriptions: Jiang Ning *(Prefecture)
    Diameter: 47 mm
    Weight: 188g (5 taels)
  2. Chekiang Round Sycee
    Inscriptions: Hai Yen County, the 28th year, unknown Manchurian scripts
    Diameter: 47 mm
    Weight: 175g (5 taels)
  3. Chekiang Round Sycee
    Inscriptions: Chang Hsing County, the 1st year, [Silver shop] Kong Ho
    Diameter: 46 mm
    Weight: 178g (5 taels)
* Note: Jiang Ning, is also known as Nanjing or Nanking, the capital city of early Ming Dynasty, and the Republic of China.
A Silver Sycee Review