3 Silver Ingots of Different Years in Yunnan

Stephen Tai
Feb.17, 1998

The shown 3 silver ingots:
The upper one with size 50x37mm, weight 185g, i.e. 5 taels, inscribed with Gia Ching Se Er Nien, Er Yuei, Yu Soon Liu Bin, which means 'the 2nd month in the 12th year of Gia Ching period (1796-1820) [1807], [cast by] Yu Soon Bank, Silversmith Liu Bin'.
The middle one with size 59x39mm, weight 228g, i.e. 6 taels, inscribed with 3 identical stamps of Hsieng Feng Er Nien, which means 'the 2nd year of Hsieng Feng period (1851-1861)', i.e. 1852.
The lowest one with size 48x30mm, weight 106g, i.e. 3 taels, inscribed with Kuang Hsu San Nien Sze Yuei, Zong Sheng Gio Ba Yin, which means 'the 4th month, 3rd year of Kuang Hsu period (1875-1908) [1877], Zong Sheng bankís silver in 98% of purity'.

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