An Only-Found Kanghsi 50-Tael Yuanbao

Stephen Tai
Feb.14, 1998

The shown sycee silver, sized 126(L) x 63(W) x 73(H) mm, weighted 1842g, engraved with Hsiang Yang Hsien, Kangsi Sze Se Yi Nien Fen <Chop Mark>* Yin Wu Se Liang, Yin Jiang Mao ? Cheng, which means ‘Hsiang Yang County (in Hupei Province), the 41st fiscal year (1702) ... silver of 50 taels, cast by silversmith Mao ? Cheng’.
* <Chop mark>: Can’t be identified.
A Legendary Currency in Late Ching Dynasty - A Study on Yunnan Pai-Fang-Ding