A Land and Poll Tax Silver

Stephen Tai
Feb.11, 1998

The shown silver, sized: 38(L)x48(W)x25(H)mm, weighted: 190g, i.e. 5 taels.
inscribed with: Fu Fong Di Ding, which means: 'Fu Fong County's (in Shensi Province) Land-and-Poll Tax'.

The shown paper is a receipt of Di Ding tax for silver 2 maces and 2 candareens, issued to taxpayer Wang Kuo Shiang, dated 4.17, the 12th year of Yung Zheng Period (1733 AD), from Ser Hsieng (Ser County) of Huei Chow Prefecture in Anhwei Province.

A Legendary Currency in Late Ching Dynasty - A Study on Yunnan Pai-Fang-Ding