Salt Tax Silver in Jing Dynasty (1115-1234 AD)

Stephen Tai
Feb.09, 1998

The Shown silver have size 98x44x16mm and weight 705g. Some of its engraved scripts may not be recognized, for its poor conditions. The scripts are both in Chinese and Jing's conventional languages, the latter with its meaning unknown. The Chinese scripts recognizable are Si Se Tai Ho Se Nieng Yen Yin Er Se Liang You Er Chiang Hang Zen Wang Li Fu Cheng, may be interpreted as: 'XX Official ... the 4th (1204) year in the reign of Tai Ho, Salt Tax silver of 20 taels and 2 maces, Assayer Wang ... Weighted by .. Li Fu.

A Legendary Currency in Late Ching Dynasty - A Study on Yunnan Pai-Fang-Ding