Ration Silver

Stephen Tai
Feb.06, 1998

The Shown sycee with two vertical inscriptions read as Kuang Hsu Shan Nien Liou Yuei, Ling Chuang Hsien Sher Yong Chin - 'The 6th month, the 3rd year of Kuang Hsu, submitted by Ling Chuang County, and cast by silversmith Sher Yong Ching' - and a square stamp in the middle read as Shansi Shen Jing Shiang - 'Ration for Beijing, the Central Government, submitted by Shansi Province'. 112x66mm, 1882g (50taels)

A Legendary Currency in Late Ching Dynasty - A Study on Yunnan Pai-Fang-Ding