Chinese silver sycee

From right to left reading:
Pang Liang (1/2 liang)
Dung Chang ... Ju Yin - 'Dungchang province, pure silver'
Jiang Xiao Teng

The inscriptions shown on the bottom are unusual.

Seal style character Fu - 'luck'

The face should be in flat or down-curve, not a hump. This is kind of historical knowledge which the people counterfeit or imitate such sycee often make mistake.

Size 25.8 x 11.9 x 14.8 mm, weight 15.5g (1/2 liang), silver
The shape is imitated from general boat shape sycee, but the out-look is somewhat not right.

Shown item is an example of modern fakes.
Thanks to Stephen Tai for consultations.
Any additional comments on that item would be appreciated.
You can sent it to Vladimir Belyaev .
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