Square Through Sycee of Southern Provinces

Stephen Tai
Oct, 31, 1998
Hunan Square Through

Chen Xi County
Fang Yong Chang - Name of silversmith
Dimensions: 54(L) x 34(W)
Weight: 357 g (10 taels)

Kuangsi Square Through

- Yi Shan County
- Jia Qing Yuan Nian - The 1st year of Jia Qing, 1796 (1796-1820)
- Fu Yuo Chang Ji - Name of silver shop Dimensions: 58(L) x 42(W)
Weight: 318 g (8 taels)

Jiangsi Square Through

Gan County
- Kuang Yi - Name of silver shop Dimensions: 41(L) x 56(W)
Weight: 372 g (10 taels)

  • Square Through Sycee with its two ends curved in, two sides in concave, and its bottom in convex, is looked like a Chinese traditional "weight" for scale. Therefore people in the past called it (Fa Ma Ding, i.e. Weight Sycee).
  • Square Through Sycee were cast in certain area of southern China, including Kuangtung, Kuangsi, Jiangsi and Hunan, but each place has its own way to stamp their Square Through Sycee and with which inputs them regional characteristics.
  • No matter cast in which province, Square Through Sycee has been one of the rarest kind of monetary silver of China.

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