Good-Luck Silver Lockers

Stephen Tai
Feb.22, 1998

For Elder Female’s Birthday
Inscriptions: Chi Sze, Zhong Dong Yuei, Yuong Bao Fang Ling, which means: ' The mid of the 11th month of Year Chi-Sze (the 8th year of Tong Zhi Period or 1869). Stay Young Forever'.
Size: 56 (L) x 63 (W) mm.
Weight: 78 g

For New Born Baby’s Birthday
Inscriptions: Bai Gia Bao Suo, Chang Ming Fu Kuei, which means 'Locker Holds Safe Hundreds of Families, Longevity with Fortune and Nobility'.
Size: 566 x 3 mm.
Weight: 31 g

These above two silver lockers were not only silver lockers for Chinese in the past, they might be acted as silver currency for any payment, if necessary. In the 3rd year of Hsien Feng (1853, 1851-1861), the governor of Shensi Province reported to the Emperor: 'In some rural areas of this province, people are too poor to pay taxes in sliver as levied, ... some of them have no choice but to melt their wive's silver accessories into silver sycee, in order to pay the taxes.'
A Silver Sycee Review