Yunnan province Saddle Sycee

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Question from one my correspondent (15-Jan-99):
I have a chinese silver sycee and I would like to know how I find out how much it is worth, and if I chose to sell it, how would I go about this?

Stephen Tai:
The Saddle Sycee you've been inquired for authenticy is a genuine Dated Month Saddle Sycee.
It inscribed La Yue Wen Yin. Tong Fu Shen Hao (The 12th Month Fine Silver. Tong Fu Shen Firm), and assayed with "Gong Gu Tong Kan Chi" (Assayed by Public Assayer Tong).
For this type of Yunnan Saddle Sycee, its market price is normally around $140-160.

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