Szechuan Round Bowl Sycee
vs. Kueichow Basket Sycee

Stephen Tai
May, 1, 1998
Szechuan Drum Sycee
[Middle] Der Yang County
[Right] Yang Sheng Firm (Silver Shop)
[Left] The 21st year of Kuang Hsu (1895, 1875-1908)
Dimension: 54(L) x 61(W) mm x 28(H)
Weight: 360 g (10 Taels)
Kueichow Basket Sycee
Inscription: Chi Sui (Name of Place) Guo Ji (Name of Silver Shop)
Dimension: 56(L) x 63(W) mm x 30(H)
Weight: 369 g

Silver Sycee