Rent Silver

Stephen Tai
May, 01, 1998
Deed of Lease
Cover: Wooden carving and Color printing.

The tenant Hu Lu Soon hereby rents from the landlord Mr.Yeh, three floored houses located in No. Ti, Hsia Yen Town, their doors, windows and walls are all well equipped. The houses are rented by tenant for his own business. The three parties (tenant, landlord, and witness) agree that the annual rent will be paid on a quarterly basis, in Round Sycee Silver of seven taels and two maces, in the ninety-five scale, and ninety-seven percent of purity. Should the tenant fail in paying the rent accordingly, the landlord may lease the houses to somebody else, the tenant will have no objection. Hereto set forth such deed as proof.

Amendment: There are two rooms on the upstairs and three rooms downstairs.

The 12th month, 24th year of Tao Kuang (1844, 1821-1850) Signed by: the tenant Hu Lu Soon

Brokers: Wang Yeh Shiu
Li Bu Yun
Recorded by: Fang Chin Chuan

Round Sycee (Dish Silver)
Diameter: 35mm
Weight: 44 g

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