A Rarely Seen Good-Luck Sycee

Stephen Tai
Dec.06, 1998
Inscriptions: Lu - Promotion
Diameter: 12(L) x 12(W) x 11(H) mm
Weight: 9g (2.5 maces)
  • Good luck sycee were used to bear either one of (Fu), (Lu), (Shou), or (Xi), or sometimes all 4 of them, respectively stand for Luck, Promotion, Longevity, and Happiness, the 4 beloved wishes that Chinese usually pray for themselves or others.
  • According to the specimens we may find, the ones with the inscription of , or are many, but for unknown reason, the ones with are scarce (as image shown). Maybe it was because that for ordinary people, to run for significant governmental position was too far away from their real lives, they preferred chasing something vague, but possible for them to reach, such as better luck, long life, and good marriage.

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