Vietnamese Coin
Quang Thieu Thong Bao

December 14, 1998

24 mm, 4.2 g
Obverse: Vietnamese Guang Thieu Thong Bao

Guang Shao Tong Bao

Reverse: plain
       The senior general Trinh Duy San killed Emperor Le Tuong Duc, enthroned Quang Tri and moved the Court to Tay Do. Quang Tri was on the throne only 3 days, even did not have chance to have his new reign title, finally was killed. Prince Y, Cam Giang Vuongís son, was enthroned by the generals and took the title of Le Chieu Tong with the reign title of Quang Thieu. Meanwhile, the rebel Tran Cao occupied the deserted capital. Duy San and other generals attacked and forced Tran Cao to retreat. After moving back to Thang Long, revolts erupted, natural catastrophes and loss of crops led to severe famine, Emperor Chieu Tong executed Duy Sanís brother, who was plotting against him, and murdered Tran Chan, who rescued him before. Generalís supporters attacked the capital. The Emperor called on Mac Dang Dung for help. After subduing all revolts, Mac took full power. Le Chieu Tong realized the danger, fled the capital to fight against the Mac. But the Emperor was so confused that he executed loyal general who supported him. Mac Dang Dung captured the Emperor then had him assassinated later.
       History book never mentioned about Quang Thieu coin but the copper Quang Thieu thong bao coins were found in Vietnam.

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