Private Notes

Stephen Tai
Mar.04, 1998
(1) Sycee Note
2-tael Silver in Beijing scale
Issued by Tien Yi Bank in Beijing
Dated as of the day, month, year of Kuang Hsu Period (1875-1908)
(2) Cash Note
1,500 cashes
Issued by Hsuan Sheng Ho Bank in Hsin Prefecture (in Shansi Province)
Dated as of the 9th day, 3rd month, 6th year of Kuang Hsu period (1880)
(3) Exchange Note
2 Chuang, i.e. 2,000 cashes
Issued by Tai Hsing Yuong [Merchant] in Tong Shan County (in Hu-Peh Province)
For commercial purpose only, as a payment from or to the issuer for its goods transactions. Not for official purpose.
Dated as of the day, month, year of Hsuang Tung Period (1909-1911)

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