Chinese charm with nude man figure

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Diameter: 40.4 mm
Height: 84.7 mm
Weight: 38 g

Obverse: Pa Kua - Eight Trigramms with corresponding Chinese characters
Reverse: Magic Spell

Round part of this charm is analog of Mandel N6.1.14 and F.Schjoth N92.
Above it placed squatting nude man. Pay attention to its hairstyle.

F.Schjoth :
    'May the wrath of the God of Thunder destroy the devils and send down purity! May bogies be killed and thus free us from evil influences and keep us eternally safe! Receive this command from T'ai-shang lao-chun [i.e.Lao Tzu], and let it be executed as fast as Lu Ling [the famous runner of the time of Mu Wang - tenth century B.C.]!'

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