Vietnamese Coin
Nguyen Hoa Thong Bao

December 15, 1998

24.2 mm, 2.4 g
Obverse: Vietnamese Nguyen Hoa Thong Bao

Yuan He Tong Bao

Reverse: plain
       When Mac Dang Dung forced Emperor Le Chieu Tong to return to Thang Long in 1522, Prince Duy Ninh, the Emperorís son, was carried on Le Quanís back to flee to Laos. After the Macís coup in 1532, General Nguyen Kim found Duy Ninh and enthroned him as Emperor Le Trang Tong with the reign title of Nguyen Hoa. Trang Tong was the first king of the Le Restoration dynasty.
       In 1540, Nguyen Kim attacked Nghe An, and then two years later, Emperor Trang Tong ordered Nguyen to assault Thanh Hoa. Nguyen occupied Tay Do (Western capital). Meanwhile, the Mac held Dong Do (Eastern capital) to establish the Northern dynasty. In 1545, Nguyen Kim was poisoned by a Mac governor who surrendered to Nguyen under Mac Dang Dungís secret instructions. Power passed on to Trinh Kiem. Trinh retreated to Thanh Hoa, build a palace for the Emperor to establish the Southern dynasty. Emperor Le Trang Ton died in 1548.
       History did not mention about the coin of Nguyen Hoa thong bao, but coins were found inside the country. Nguyen Hoa thong bao coins were in copper, some had two characters of Nguyen and Hoa written in seal script, some had three characters of Nguyen, Hoa and Bao written in seal script.

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