A Mini Shoe Sycee

Stephen Tai
Oct, 10, 1998

Inscription: - 'silver'
Dimensions: 16(L) x 9(W) x 7(H)
Weight: 3.7 g (1 Mace)
  • This is a mini sycee cast in an excellent shoe shape, an uniq piece weighed for 3.7 g (1 mace). Its details are as vivid as other big sycee in 50 taels, i.e. sized by 500 times.
  • Generally speaking, sycee in a small value like that should be more demanded by markets for daily trades, but we can imagine how difficult it would be for silversmiths to make sycee in miniature at that time, and the casting cost would be respectively high. Under such circumstance, smaller sycee were first to be replaced by foreign fractional silver coins in similar weights, which were minted less costly and more convenient to be used. As for bigger sycee in 10 or 50 taels, due to their heavy weight diluted the casting cost to a degree more acceptable, plus there were no silver coins in such giant sizes competing with them directly, they survived in the markets for much longer.

Silver Sycee