Chinese coin from a meteor

It's very unusual question about Chinese coins, I didn't heard about it.
    I am looking for Info , Pictures , or availability of a coin that was made in China around the 1600s to 1700s . The Coin was partly made from a meteor that fell in China. The government gave the Herbalists permission to use part of the Meteor to use in their herbal formulas. A coin was made from this and if included in the formula was to be crushed up and included.

    Do you know of this coin? Is it still available to be bought without having to be rich? If I cannot obtain any of these coins is there pictures of them? Any help you could give me in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    We are trying to make some of the old Mew Hing Iron Palm and Iron Body Formulas as authentic as possible for a museum and book. We have two formulas that call for 7 of these coins each. If these coins are too exspensive we could scale these two formulas down just as long as they are authentic.

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You can sent it to Vladimir Belyaev .
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