An Unknown token

Jim Farr
July 11, 1998
Obverse: center Yi Jiao - One Dime or Ten Cents; bottom Lin Si Liu Tong - For Temporary Circulation; top ...
Reverse: top ... Yong ...; N 2481

This is Ten Cent token, probably from Jiangsu province, overstruck on a Republic Ten Cent coin. I have four different ones. I was able to identify the town and name of the issuer on three of them from an article by Helen Wang in Numismatic Chronicle. This one is not in there.

Any additional information highly appreciated. Please send it to Jim Farr

Information from Stephen Tai (11-Jul-98):
    Regarding the shown token, I have found an article which you might be interested in. It is titled Non-governmental Local Currencies in ChangZhou during Anti-Japanese War, written in Chinese by Yuan Tao, selected by Chinese Numismatics Association (Beijing) into Chinese Numismatics Theories Vol. III, published in 1998.05.

    According to the article, your token was also cast in Changzhou (in Jiang-Su Province), during 1939-1941, the period of Anti-Japanese War. The author listed hundreds of tokens made of copper, tin, paper, bamboo, animal bone ... in the shapes of coin, stick ... Tens of them are illustrated.

    Name and place of your token is also listed there, however, no image is provided.

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