Ch'ing Dynasty coin with mounted gemstone

Diameter .. mm, bronze, cast.

Image received from Jamea Gibson, Missouri, USA at 3-July-97

Obverse: Legend of Ch'ing dynasty coin Dao Kuang T'ung Pao (1825-1851 a.d.).
Reverse: Shantung province mint mark

In the centre hole mounted green gemstone, probably jade.
That item looks very nice, I don't hear about such items earlier.
I think that it was done for amulet purposes.
By the way, coin was found in Jamea's back yard.

Message from John Liang (03-Jul-97):
That would be some grandmama's lucky amulet. Jade is common for Chinese people as a good luck and ward off evil charm. Almost everyone has a piece or two. The uneven shape suggests it is that.
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