Xinkiang / Ili Iron 4 Cash Coin

Vladimir Belyaev
July 03, 1998

Diameter: 35.7 mm
Weight: 14.9 g
Obverse: Hsien Feng Ch'ung Pao (Xian Feng Zhong Bao)
Reverse: top Dang - Equal to, bottom Si - Four, right Manchu Ili, left Manchu Boo - Coin.
XN - not listed.

Shown piece is value 4 Xinkiang iron cash coin, issued by Ili mint. Copper coin shown below.

Once more piece.
Unit reference on this coin is in the 'Daniel K.E. Ching Sale, June 2, 1991' Catalog (with permission of Scott Semans):
    N550 Sinkiang Province. Hsien Feng (1851-61) Ili Mint. As Cr.28-5 4 Cash, but IRON (35 mm). Previously unknown. From a Singapore collection. Casting hole in field otherwise F+. VERY RARE. $800 (after the Sale price was discounted to $575).

    This is a new discovery. Werner Burger <author of the 'Ching Cash until 1735' - VB> examined the coin and says its genuine. Nice condition for iron; almost no rust.

Once more reference (Sergey Shevtcov, 10-Jul-98):
    Hua Guangpu. 1998 Qingdai Xianfeng Daqian Mulu [Catalog of Hsien Feng Coins]. Beijing, 1998
    Iron coin N1034, p.417, value 1000 RMB (~ $125).
    Brass coin 350-400 RMB.

Diameter: 34 mm
Weight: 11 g
Obverse: similar to above iron coin
Reverse: similar to above iron coin
XN 250.

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