An I.O.U. of Chien Lung Period

Stephen Tai
May, 01, 1998
The shown paper is an I.O.U. made as of the 12th month, the 53rd year of Chien Lung (1788, 1736-1795), and a mechanism or ritual called upon by the borrower and the lender of a loan, when it was about taking place. It was written as:

Chang Zhan Liu (the borrower) hereby writes down this I.O.U. in borrowing from Si Jun Sze (the lender) money of 1,000 cashes for his own use. The parties agree that when it becomes Chang Zang Liu's turn in receiving the annual rent of the inherited worship farm of Hua San, the 4th family branch, such rent will be deducted the loaned money, and the rest to be returned to Chang's family. The parties will have no other words. Therefore, this I.O.U. is set forth hereto as a proof.

Witnessed by: Uncle-in-law Ji Yi Yi
the 12th month, the 53rd year of Chien Lung, signed by Chang Zhan Liu

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