List of Southeast Asian coins collectors and investigators

Latest addition: 17-Oct-07
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Vladimir Belyaev
Moscow, Russian Federation Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean cash coins, charms, tokens
Thuan Luc
Washington DC, USA Vietnamese cash coins

Cong Nguyen
Portland, OR, USA Vietnamese cash, large and silver coins

Stephen Tai
Hsinchu City, Taiwan Chinese silver currencies

Son Xuan
Rochester, NY, USA Vietnamese cash coins

Toan C. Nguyen
Chantilly, Virginia, USA Stamps. Papernotes. Coins and cash coins of Vietnam

Chi D. Nguyen
Fremont, CA 94538, USA Vietnamese cash coins, paper notes, stamps, and books
Bao-Tung Nguyen
Richmond, CA 94803, USA Vietnamese and Indochine cash coins, paper notes, and stamps
George Danh
Florida, USA Coins and currencies of Vietnam and Indochine

Francis Ng
Guangzhou, China Chinese , Annamese, strait settlement's coins

Gilbert Tan
Singapore Chinese cash coins

Lars Bo
Danmark All Chinese cash coins
Hai Ho
California, USA Vietnamese papernotes and cast coins

Sergey Temeryazev
Nakhodka, Russia Cash coins of Japan, VietNam, Korea and China
Mike Jones
Hawaii japanese cash coins

Kenny Ong
Malacca, Malaysia Coinage of Asia
Rick Seidel
Talofofo, Guam Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese cash coins
Ralf Fischer zu Cramburg
Andernach, Germany Northern Sung cash coins

Mark Lyons
P.O. Box 102, Livonia Center, NY 14488 USA, (716) 346-6888 Chinese cash, tokens, and charms

Richard F. Ford
4204 Point Loma Avenue; San Diego, CA 92107-3954; USA Cash and other cast coins of early Korea
Coins of the Kingdom & Empire period of Korea
Coins of South Korea
Charms, amulets and chatelaines of early Korea
Bank notes of Korea under Japanese domination
Bank notes of Korea following 1945 liberation
Bank notes of South Korea
Bank notes of the Peoples Republic of Korea
Bonds of South Korea and the Peoples Republic of Korea

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