Unknown silver ingot

Silver, weight near 60g.

8-Jun-97 I received image of unknown ingot from Eric and Joan:
It could possibly be Thai, but I am not an expert. The coin is more or less like a sheep's horns.
16-Jun-97 I received detailed information from Mr.Kittiphan, Thailand:
The picture that you send me can be described as follows:
Bracelet Money and Chieng Money. This was apparently the standard type of coinage of the ancient kingdom of northern of Thailand. The coin is shaped like a bracelet, it is in the form of a silver bar with curved end. A cut was made part way through the center, and made to gape by bending the bar. On the obverse is inscribed the name of the City where the money was made and the mark of the maker. Chieng money was made of silver or zinc, it was used by the merchants, and not by the government.

Information from Jim Farr (18-Feb-98):
    The Tamlung that you have on your web page is Mitchiner 2750, a 4 Baht Tamlung struck at the northern Thai town of Chiengsen. Mitchener gives the dates as 1300/1350 - 1545. The large image is upside down. The character on the far right of the image is the numeral 4, the next four characters spell the name Sen, for Chiengsen, and the last symbol (on the left of the image) is an issue mark.

    I have attached four views of mine. It is from the southern Thai city of Prae, same dates as the Chiensen Tamlung. Mine is also a 4 Baht. The numeral 4 is obvious on mine, and mine has an issue mark of a sun-like symbol in circle. Mine spells out the name P'rae in four characters. It is Mitchiner 2765.

    These are all issues of the Lannanthai Kingdom that lasted from 1290 until 1556. The two pieces here are from a period of rather uniform coinage throughout the kingdom. They are usually divided into the northern and southern issues because they bear different issue marks. You have one of each here.

Any additional comments on item would be appreciated.

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