Silver plated Hsuan Ho T'ung Pao

Size 22.6 mm
Obverse: Hsuan Ho T'ung Pao - legend of Hsuan Ho period (a.d.1119-25), Emperor Hui Tsung (a.d.1101-25), Nothern Sung Dynasty.

Reverse: Plain.

Copper coin plated by silver.
Right Ho and bottom T'ung have unusual style of scripting.
Characters sequence top-right-bottom-left is not reported for legend Hsuan Ho T'ung Pao, only top-bottom-right-left.

I think that it is fantasy issue.

By the opinion of Gilbert Tan (17-Jan-98), depicted above item is a recent fake.
One school of thought feels that these were made for burial purposes.

This coin is genuine silver Hsuan Ho T'ung Pao. Weight is 2.8 g, diameter 23.6 mm.
Gilbert Tan wrote to me (24 Feb 2000) that "It is purported to be a palace issue for presentation purposes. But the actual use no one will really know."

Any additional comments on that coin would be appreciated. You can sent it to Vladimir Belyaev.
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