Hsien Feng Ch'ung Pao
100 Cash Fukien Mint coin

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Obverse: Hsien Feng Ch'ung Pao
(Xian Feng Zhong Bao)

Reverse: Fukien Province Manchu mint mark, 100 Cash
Chopmark on rim top - Yong
Chopmark at 7 o'clock - Chi Yan ?

Diameter: 71 mm
Weight: 192.5 g

Images received from S.Sidorovich

Message from Stephen Tai (02-Dec-98):
The Chi you placed could not be a Chi. My idea is, either it belongs to a part of a character that does not shown up completely, or maybe it is just a symbol chosen by the local bank who assayed the coin. We often find lots of meaningless symbol chopped on Mexican and other foreign silver coins during their service in China. No matter what, it is not a name of place.
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