Guk Bo Min An charm

Obverse: Guo Bao Min An [in Chinese, top bottom right left]
Reverse: Ming Xin Xiu De
Diameter: 27 mm
Weight: 4.7 g

In Chinese obverse legend may be read as Guo Bao Min An [tbrl] - Peoples state - warranty of peace or as Guo Min Bao An [trbl] - State - warranty of people's peace.

Reverse: Ming Xin - to learn essence, sensitive soul.
Xiu De - to improve virtue.

I placed this charm on 16-Jul-98.
On 29-Jan-99 I found this charm in the Mandel book as Korean charm #75.4b:
Guk Bo Min An - protection of the nation, peace of the people
Myung Sim Su Duk - a bright mind cultivates virtue

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