A Groovy Sycee Came from a "TOWN" of Shensi Province

Stephen Tai
May 15, 1998
  1. Inscriptions: Huei Zsen [Huei Town], Ho Soon [Name of Silver Shop]
    Diameter: 35(L) x 48(W) x 22(H)mm
    Weight: 156g
  2. Inscriptions: Hua Juo [Hua District] Zhang Zhong Diameter: 35(L) x 43(W) x 22(H)mm
    Weight: 130g
  3. Inscriptions: Li Chuan [Hsien, County] Chang Hsing [Silver Shop]
    Diameter: 39(L) x 46(W) x 21(H)mm
    Weight: 140 g

A Silver Sycee Review