Unknown gambling token

Diameter 24 mm, aluminium, striked.

Image received from Gerard Haast at 23-June-97

Obverse: Legend of Ch'ing dynasty coin Kuang Hsu T'ung Pao (1875-1909 a.d.) but starting from unusual right place round a clock.
Also character Pao is in unusual form of writing.
Reverse: Unknown characters. Digits 10, 5. Unusual placement of characters (under 45 grad.).

I suppose that it is gambling token.

Information, received 02-Jul-97 from Eric Yin:
I think that I've seen a similar item before, but it was not identified. My guess is that you are correct in identifying it as a gambling token - possibly, it is from Shanghai - I only say that because that is the only place that I have seen aluminum tokens come from.
The only other Chinese gambling tokens similar to it that I have seen are from San Francisco, but they are brass and uniface, with three characters at 12:00, 3:00, and 9:00, and the denomination (50, 100, 500, 1000) at 6:00. These tokens are enameled in red, green, yellow, or black.

Message from Tan Kuan Yang Gilbert (03-Jul-97):
The aluminium gamble token is very interesting, but it probably is an imitation made in Europe during the occupation years of Shanghai. This may be explained from the error of character positioning on the front, whether intentional or not. Also, the numbers 5 and 10 on the reverse also hint of Western manufacture. Maybe a gambling token from a Western-run gambling house? Estimated date of issue near 1900.
Image of once more item, received from Jim Farr (26-Apr-98):

Vladimir Belyaev, Moscow, Russia.
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