An Excavated Shoe Sycee
with Illegible Inscriptions

Stephen Tai
Oct, 17, 1998
Inscription: ? - Da ? Hong
Dimensions: 48(L) x 29(W) x 20(H)
Weight: 126 g (3.5 Taels)
  • This shoe sycee is thoroughly covered with rust, showing that it should have been buried under ground for a long time before being excavated.
  • Its two ends were bent inward by someone during its journey of circulation, but we still may judge from its overall features to know that it is of Late Ming - Early Ching pattern.
  • Its inscriptions have 3 characters: ? (Da ? Hong), the 2nd one is illegible. The entire meaning of the inscriptions is not clear.
  • Instead of (Kai Shu - The Pattern Script) as inscribed or engraved on most of Chinese sycee, the 3 characters are inscribed in (Li Shu - The Seal Script), which have made this sycee very unusual.

Silver Sycee